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Banned or Challenged

The Reasons Behind Many of the Book Bans or Challenges

1619 Project: Three bills were introduced by state legislators in Arkansas, Iowa, and Mississippi, argue that the lessons in the book misrepresent U.S. history. The Arkansas and Mississippi bills call the 1619 Project “a racially divisive and revisionist account;” the Iowa bill claims that it “attempts to deny or obfuscate the fundamental principles upon which the United States was founded.”

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo: LGBTQIA+ representation and political viewpoints

A Lesson Before Dying: Violence, sexual content and language.

A Lesson in Vengeance: LGBTQIA+ representation

A Light in the Attic: Violence and encourages disrespect toward parents

And Tango Makes Three: LGBTQIA+ representation

Animal Farm: Political ideology

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: LGBTQIA+ representation

Beloved: Bestiality, racism, and sex

The Bluest Eye: Sexually explicit and child abuse

Brave New World: Drug Use and sexual promiscuity

Brown Girl Dreaming: Vulgarity and LGBTQIA+ representation

Can’t Take That Away: LGBTQIA+ representation

Charlotte's Web: Talking animals are demonic

City of Thieves: Vulgarity

Color Purple: Graphic and violent

Everywhere Babies: LGBTQIA+ representation

Gender Queer: LGBTQIA+ representation

Ghost Boys: LGBTQIA+ representation

Ground Zero: Bias, could skew a young person’s mind

Handmaid’s Tale: Profanity

His Dark Materials: Political and religious viewpoints and violence

King and the Dragonflies: Profanity, pornography, LGBTQIA+ representation, gambling

Last Night at the Telegraph Club: LGBTQIA+ representation

Lord of the Flies: Violence, gore, racism and ableism

Maus: Profanity and nudity

Monday’s Not Coming: Sexuality

Speak: Sexual assault content

Stamped: “Selective storytelling incidents” and does not encompass racism against all people

To Kill a Mockingbird: Racial slurs, "white Savior" character, perception of the Black experience

When Wilma Rudolph Played: “Opines prejudice based on race”

Where the Wild Things Are: Witchcraft and supernatural events

White Bird: Biased, could “skew” a young child’s mind

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